Alan is an engineer and real estate developer who currently acts as the Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) of the firm.

Alan started his Real Estate career as a Sales Associate at Miles Goldstein Real Estate – a boutique-sized luxury residential brokerage where he gained a special interest in the single-family luxury market of Golden Beach. While at Miles Goldstein Real Estate, he focused on unique development opportunities which resulted in land and property transactions that generated high ROI for his clients.

Following that, he became a Director at Premier 18 Development LLC – a real estate development company specialized in waterfront luxury homes and high-end residential projects in Florida where he managed investment opportunities from the acquisition phases until completion and sales.

Alan seeks different business opportunities for our investors – always keeping our one goal in mind: to deliver a product of excellence and value for our clients. With more than five years of project management experience, his ability to anticipate challenges and to work in a fast-paced environment allows him to communicate effectively and generate revenue with each successful development.

A hard worker with exceptional social awareness and a spirit of cooperation with others, Alan graduated in the top 25 students of the Engineers’ Class at the Universidad Metropolitana before establishing himself in Florida.

His set of skills – combined with a high analytical level, makes Alan realistic and objective. While providing a personalized service for real estate investors looking for the highest capital gains, Alan guarantees limited risk and, most importantly, he helps mitigating risk exposure with one-on-one consultancy.