Artek Design Corp.

35 + Years / 200 + Projects / 5,000,000 + ft²

Artek Design Corp. is a “one-stop shop” for clients and investors looking to develop Real Estate properties effortlessly.

As a family-owned group of companies, the Artek team assists from the purchase of the lands/properties, to the architecture, remodeling/construction, and interior design. By also offering the possibility to manage and rent/sell the properties, Artek has created a successful track record of satisfied customers and revenue.

As a global practice, our firm has executed a variety of project types in more than 20 cities including residential, commercial, industrial, hospitality, religious, healthcare, and cultural developments.

Founded in 1984, Artek started with Artek Design – an Architectural practice that grew into a design-build platform with Artek Remodeling. Over the years, with the implementation of its Realty component, Artek became a corporation which oversees the acquisition, design, construction, management, and rentals/sales of Real Estate properties.